Ben Stuckart Hates Schoolchildren

From KHQ:

Guards at Spokane schools won’t be armed

Former Spokane police Chief Frank Straub had worked out an agreement with the district to provide resource officers with training from the police department. The district would have paid for the training.

City Council President Ben Stuckart said he was concerned that the resource officers would only undergo 24 hours of training before being allowed to carry a firearm in schools.

Clearly, Mr. Stuckart is doing what is popular, rather than what is right.

“Only” 24 hours of training? Okay Mr. Stuckart, let’s play that game. How many hours of training would you consider adequate, before you would allow the school security guards to have access to the basic tool that they need to defend the students’ lives — 48 hours? 60? 100?

The truth is, “only 24 hours” is just a lame excuse. Three 8-hour days, or six half-days of firearm safety instruction is plenty, especially since the candidate would be required to show proficiency before they are allowed to carry a firearm on school premises.

In fact, proficiency should be the only requirement. It sounds absurd to force retired police officers to take a class that they were teaching prior to becoming school resource officers.

The motives behind the Council’s decision and Stuckart’s comment are simple as they are clear: they wish to avoid controversy and keep the money and the votes of the anti-gun lobby.

I have only one question.

Ben Stuckart, why do you hate the children?