I’m a first generation immigrant from the ex-USSR who accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior while living in America. I spent 12 years living in Arizona, and the rest in the Spokane, Washington area. Currently, I reside in Airway Heights.

I am married with four homeschooled children. I have a General class ham license that unfortunately I’m not making much use of, and a private pilot’s license that I’m using a couple of times a week (when the weather is good).

I have a degree in Computer Engineering Technology from DeVry University.

In 2002, a friend and I co-founded ScanTool.net, a high-tech company focused on bringing automotive diagnostics within everyone’s reach. In 2010 we launched our B2B business, OBD Solutions.

In 2014, our team launched a successful Kickstarter campaign (we asked for $35,000 and got almost 20 times that).

Economically, I’m an unrepentant capitalist and an adherent of the Austrian School of Economics.

Ideologically, I’m a libertarian conservative, which means that in my everyday life, I strive to uphold and defend the founding principles of the American Republic: limited government and respect for natural rights (life, liberty, property).

I’m a member of the Republican Party whose county, state, and national platforms do a good job of representing my political views. I serve as a district leader of District 6B and a precinct committee officer in precinct #6400.

Personality-wise, I’m an ENTP (“Debater”). In a nutshell: I’m a jerk who loves to argue, often plays devil’s advocate, and cares about speaking/discovering “the truth” more than being sensitive to people’s feelings.

If you care to learn more about me, check out my Values, LinkedIn, and Facebook pages.