Spokane Police Property Still Holding My Gun Hostage

It’s been 17 days, and I still can’t get my handgun back. Just called Spokane Police Property, and the very polite officer told me that they’re still waiting on “one of the background checks, I can’t tell you which one”. He also said that “usually, these are done much quicker”, and that he will email the person doing the check about it.

This is puzzling, since I don’t have a criminal record, and possess a valid Washington Concealed Carry License.

Sheriff Knezovich said in his presentation “if anything happens to these deputies, I hope you will hold the people responsible for this little firestorm accountable”, meaning myself and the friends that shared my story. I wonder if the Sheriff and his deputies will accept responsibility if anything happens to me or my family, because they took away my means of defending myself.

I will be calling SPP again, on Monday.